Here Is a list of all the Unconstitutional Bills in Congress as of 2019-2020

tH.R.157       H.R.33      H.R.435      S.184   H.R.674      H.R.167     H.R.820     H.R.942   

H.R.659      H.R.569     S.120     S.7   H.R.49        H.R.282      S.193    H.R.175  

H.R.744      H.R.8      H.R.574    H.R.648   H.R.21  H.R.38  ( constitutional Carry.. this one is good )

 S.66  H.R.821  H.R.822  HR 282    HR6747    HR8 ( Gun Registration )

Unconstitutional Bills in your State.

Big Shout out to Jarred at Guns and Gadgets for helping link these bills. His channel if you want to see more..  


  Dont have the Bill number but here is the link to the announcement. 

Washington State 

I-1639  Pushback

New York 

Guns and gadgets goes over the new 6 laws.

New Mexico

 HB 83 

New Hampshire


South Carolina

 H 3275 


Guns and gadgets goes over all 25 


 allows police to search social media to see if anything disqualify s them from having a fire arm ID that they need to buy a gun.