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Glenn exposes the Final piece of this big puzzle. You will want to see this.  

Just Facts on Impeachment, ITS NOT ABOUT UKRAINE. Its A lot deeper.

Glenn once again shines a light on a very DARK situation. This is more serious then I ever thought.  Its no longer about impeaching trump to hide Ukraine... Its so much bigger than that. You need to see this. The Documents and web links will be posted very soon.  

The True Facts on Ukraine


This is the Link to an Older Piece from the Washington Examiner From 2016. 

Headline...  "Emails show Clinton denied, then met with Ukrainian donor  "


Here is the Link to the Soloman Piece from the Hill 2017. Headline.. " Ukraine to US prosecutors, Why don't you want our evidence on democrats." 

WhistleBlower against the DNC .. Glenn's Podcast with a Ukraine official. 

Glenn Becks Chalkboard on Ukraine and lays out the facts. The audio of this is on Episode 6 : Ukraine Exposed. 

This is another chalkboard of Glenn's exposing Ms. Alexandria Chalupa.  This is so important to really understand why the DNC is going bat nuts crazy. 

Glenn Beck Shows the actual steps needed for a whistle-blower to take but did not. The Law was broken, but why??