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USCCA: Critical Advantage

2nd Amendment News:

 There are so many gun bill's being introduced through out the states and even in Congress that its hard to keep up with them all. So I am leaving it to Jarred. Please check out his You Tube channel Guns and Gadgets   for all your 2nd amendment news.   


Glenn Beck's 2 and a half our special on Socialism. It explains why its so deadly and how close we are to this nightmare.  We are closer then you think. 

This is the Documentary I told you about in episode 12.  It is happening in every Democrat ran city.. This is a must see. 


A must see... Glenn Beck exposes who is behind the caravans and the border crisis.  We are about to loose our Country.. 

Glenn Beck exposes Ilhan Omar.

Bernie Sanders in 1981. I don't think he will like this too much.. 

The puppet master pulling AOC's Strings, Don't take this Videos word for it.. Do your own Research. 

Hannity exposing the lies of the left