Links and Videos on Historical facts that you have never been told.

* DISCLAIMER * I made this page to educate and to bring forward Forgotten History.  This has NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with Racism or Racist hysteria. This is Pure history and Facts.  I will not nor have I ever tolerated Racism of any type. Everything on this page is supported by Historical documentation.  

Here are Three Links that is a great source of Black history that you will never hear about. Knowledge is POWER! 

The root    Black civil war genealogical records  

Black history left of the table that needs to be told

Bass Reeves.

One of my Favorite historical figures.  Bass is another Forgotten Hero who's story Needs to be told.  You can ether listen to it via my Podcast episode 24, Or click here

1st Louisiana Native Guard

First official all BLACK regiment in the Civil War.  They actually fought for both sides.  Click here

Acts of the Republican party as seen by history

This is a small book written by the a former Solder in 1909. This is from the National Archives, and a MUST read if you want the truth about the Civil War.  Spoiler alert... Its not what you have been told nor what you think. Click here

H.K Edgerton talking about black American History and southern heritage.. A great video with a lot of historical facts from a former NAACP president.  Mr. Edgerton is a historian I would love to meet and talk history with.  

Elizabeth Jennings Graham.  Was the first to demand Equal Rights in New York is the 1800's.  She did it by suing the New York Transit and WON. 

My Trip to Atlanta, Visiting the Civil Rights Museum.  An amazing experience that Everyone should experience.  RIP. Dr King. Your Dream is alive. 

Historic homes from around Georgia, From the early to late 1800's.  All now located at the historical landmark now known as Stone Mountain.  

Voices of the past... This is former slaves telling there story..  In there own Words, in there own Voices. Please feel free to you tube more of there forgotten Voices.  This is Our History. Together we must not only embrace our past but never forget it neither.  Lets learn from out history. 

This is the untold story of a Black Slave owner. As much as I stand against slavery.. Knowing it was wrong then as it is wrong today.. I put this here so once again we must learn our History AS IT WAS.. 

 Julius Howell enlisted at 16 to fight for the Confederacy in 1862. In this 1947 recording in DC, Howell at age 101, recalls his Civil War exploits as a cavalryman at Petersburg and Richmond and his memory of the assassination of President Lincoln from a Union POW camp.